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Contacts: Toll free 1-800-205-0902     Farm Service Operator 320-235-8870 At the Scale: 320-235-8889
Extensions: Brenda 5727, Gary 2871 Brenda's direct line 320-262-5727   Gary's direct line 320-235-8871 Bid recording 320-235-8878
Receiving Hours: 6 AM until 5PM Monday Through Friday. 
Apr 25 Daily Closes We are taking April  contracts, spot sales, Price later & Condo Storage 
Delivery Month Corn Price / Bu. Basis CME Close on 4/25/2017
Apr 2017 3.16 -.49 May 17 Month Futures Change + --
May 2017 3.09 -.56 May 17    
Jun 2017 3.08 -.64 Jul 17 May-17 3.6500 .0575
Jul 2017 3.08 -.64 Jul 17 Jul-17 3.7175 .0625
Aug 2017 3.13 -.66 Sepl 17 Sep-17 3.7875 .0625
Sep 2017 3.13 -.66 Sepl 17 Dec-17 3.8900 .0550
Oct 2017 3.32 -.57 Dec 17 Mar-18 3.9850 .0525
Nov 2017 3.35 -.54 Dec 17 May-18 4.0500 .0525
Dec 2017 3.34 -.55 Dec 17 Jul-18 4.1025 .0600
Jan 2018 3.42 -.57 Mar 18 Sep-18 4.0250 .0475
Feb 2018 3.44 -.55 Mar 18 Dec-18 4.0300 .0400
Mar 2018 3.46 -.53 Mar 18 Click the link below to see CBOT corn Futures. And then close page to come back to this site.
Apr 2018 3.55 -.50 May 18
May 2018 3.51 -.54 May 18
Jun 2018 3.56 -.54 Jul 18
Jul 2018 3.56 -.54 Jul 18
Aug 2018 3.48 -.55 Sep 18
Sep 2018 3.48 -.55 Sep 18
Oct 2018 3.43 -.60 Dec 18 CBOT Corn Futures "10 Minute Delay"
Nov 2018 3.43 -.60 Dec 18
Dec 2018 3.43 -.60 Dec 18
Grain Buying hours: other than spot sales all other purchasing is - Monday thru Friday from 8:30 AM to 1:15 PM.  We can take target offers from 1:15 PM to 5:00 PM to be put into the electronic session that starts trading again at 7:00 PM.
2016 Harvest Policy effective 10/1/16
Drying will be 4.25 cents per point and shrink will be 1.4% per point. "see Shrink /Drying tab for more details" Effective December 1st, 2016
Keep in mind that with quite a bit of old crop still on the farm and hopeful expectations of a big crop, Space will most likely be tight. I would encourage you to plan ahead and contact us soon to find out what the space availability options are. We do have space available for contracts and will do Reserved Price Later contracts until the space allocated is gone.
Scale Operations:          
Our card reading system started about 2 years ago and has worked great according to our scale operators and customers.
It's simple.
The card stays with the particular vehicle it was issued for.
The Display screen, intercom and ticket printer are located about 3/4 of the way down the scale so pull ahead to see the display screen.
When card is swiped, our computer looks back at the prior delivery and copies the same customer and disposition and displays that on the screen at the scale.
If you wish to change either the customer or disposition there is an intercom to talk to the scale operators.
Please scan "swipe" your card only ONE TIME unless instructed by the scale operator to do so again.
* Check the Display Screen for accuracy when you swipe your card* it's the drivers responsibility to make sure it's CORRECT
Wait for scale operators to instruct you where to unload……………………..
Please check your scale ticket for accuracy before you leave. Let the scale know if it needs to be changed!
Any Questions on how it works give us a call.
Grain Marketing Options  
Spot or Cash Sales - grain is sold at the scale at the time of delivery based on the market price at that time.
Forward Contracts - Allows you to lock in a price for future delivery. Monthly delivery periods extend out as far as Nov 2017.
Condo Storage - pre sold long term storage agreements. Contact us if you are interested in knowing more about availability and how it works.
Price Later Contracts - Deliver grain at your convenience. You may price the grain anytime at the posted bid. A service fee may apply. Cannot be under loan, cannot be applied to forward contracts.
Warehouse Receipts - Storage fees and added drying apply.
Target / Offer Contracts - Customer establishes a target price for a given delivery period and offer deadline. If the price hits the target your grain is contracted (sold)
Basis Fix Contracts - Select a delivery period and lock in the respective basis for that month. Final pricing is done by date of first delivery or First Notice day for the underlying future month.
HTA / Futures Fixed - Allows locking in a CBOT Futures Price leaving basis open. A service fee of .06 per Bu on 2016/17 crop year & .08/ Bu. on 2017/18 crop year. Delivery period must be specified.
Minimum Price Contract - A minimum price is established through the use of options. Option premiums plus a service fee of .05 per bu.
Defer Payment Contract - all corn sales can be deferred to Jan 1st of the next year. You must give us Advance notice.
To receive daily bid e-mails click here --->   Bid recording 320-235-8878
Updated 4/25/17 4:56 PM      
* All Bids are subject to change or corrections without notice.
Over-runs on contracts and Condo Storage are spotted at that days close unless specified otherwise
Please make sure your tickets are correct before you leave. If not let the scale know immediately


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